2017 Submissions

Escape Plan Video Game Song
Major Chase Matrix Synthwave Song
Mechanical Video Game Song
Walking In Dubstep Song
All or nothing Video Game Song
Escape From LA Video Game Song
Gradient Horizon Drum N Bass Song
Subway Wars Cinematic Loop
BF2 MEC Loading Remix Video Game Song
From Flesh to Machine Dubstep Song
New Armour, New Sword, Ready 2 Video Game Loop
Ride To Glory Video Game Loop
Airwolf 2014 Trance Song
EOT - Discovering Kristalium Video Game Song
EOT - Main Theme Video Game Song
Enemy Wheelbarrow spotted Video Game Song
30 seconds to blow Classical Song
Defence Of Reach (WIP) Video Game Song
Light Speed [WIP] Drum N Bass Song
There is only one way Video Game Loop
Boundless Dreams Drum N Bass Song
The Sacrifice Classical Song
Vanu Sovereignty (RVMPD) Video Game Song
March Towards Glory Classical Song

2012 Submissions

Blackula Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Heroes of WW II Classical Song
FC LAPD Zuma Revamped Video Game Song
Sands Of Might Video Game Song
Nova Urgency Video Game Song
Bravery Classical Song
Banzai! Miscellaneous Loop
AvsA OST Video Game Song
Ground Zero - Zday Mix Pop Song
Blood Sweat And Oil Industrial Song
Dj-Rec0il - DreamZone Drum N Bass Song
Prodigy - Omen (Rec0il Remix) Drum N Bass Song
ProdigyTheOmen (Rec0il Remic) Drum N Bass Song
-=:The Terminator:=- (RMX) General Rock Song
[Saion - Hold The Lines] Classical Song
SC Character Selection remake Classical Loop
UN Owen (DnB Rec0il Remix) Drum N Bass Song
[Saion - Dreams] Extended General Rock Song
[Saion - Dreams] General Rock Song
Castlevania Lvl 1 RMX Video Game Song
From Heaven To Hell And Back Drum N Bass Song
Preparation 4 War Full Version Classical Song
Preparation 4 War Classical Song
Left4Dead - Rec0il Mix Video Game Song
Highly Volitile Drum N Bass Song
Airbase 2008 RMX Drum N Bass Song
The Jump Anthem RMX Trance Song
Guitar Vs Piano 4.0 Dance Song
Guitar Vs Piano 3.5 Dance Song
Libertis Melitis Classical Song
Battlefield Trance Syndrome Trance Song
Running In The 90's RMX Dance Song
Battlefield 1942 intro remix Video Game Song
Age of Myhology Theme (Rec0il) Classical Song
Zombies at the panic Video Game Song
Halo (MasterChief Remix) Video Game Song
Imogen Heap - Hide and seak Dance Song
Shaolin Soccer Remake Classical Song
Humanitys Last Stand Classical Song
Perfect Timing RmX Video Game Song
The Calm Before The Storm (RE) Classical Song
The Calm Before The Storm Classical Song
=[The Assault]= Classical Song
The Losses Of War Classical Song
BF2-US Rmx 1.0 Hip Hop - Modern Song
<-Inner-Fire-> Drum N Bass Song
Inspector Gadget (Rec0il RMX) Dance Song
The Light within Classical Song
The Last Spartan Classical Song
DoD: Source Theme Remix Classical Song
UT-The Run (Rec0il RMX) Techno Song
MegaMan 3 title RMX Dance Song
GRAW Remix (reupload) Ambient Song
GRAW Remix Ambient Song
War Scenario 2 Miscellaneous Song
The Apocalyps Is Near Heavy Metal Song
Last Stand (War snario Remake) Ambient Song
Battlefield Rec0il Remix Drum N Bass Song
The fallen will be remembered Ambient Song
Scanning The Drive Video Game Song
Eswat Trance Song
Transformers Fight Theme Trance Song
[The Beginning of the End] Ambient Song
Battlefield 2 Remix Hip Hop - Modern Song
Aurora (Ft. Dj-Slingshot) Trance Song
Red Alert Bigfoot (Heavy Mix) General Rock Song
Zerowing Theme Rmx Video Game Song
The Journey Of Life Drum N Bass Song
Darkest Hour (C0il Rmx) Trance Song
Die Hard - The Plaza Video Game Song
Fight for Survival Drum N Bass Song
War scenario Ambient Song
Voodo People(Dj_Rec0il Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Fantasy Star Trance Song
The Strength Within Ambient Song
Tronic Attraction Trance Song
Mech City intro (HB version) Drum N Bass Song
Hyper Blast-Reduxe Remix Video Game Song
Journey Of The Mini-cons(beta) Trance Song
Airbase 2006 Video Game Song
Brother Of Honor OST Video Game Song
Die Hard (Airport Remix) Video Game Song
Mega Man 7 Wilys Castle Video Game Song
**Halo-Remix** Video Game Song
**MMPR** Heavy Metal Song
F-Zero Metal Mix Heavy Metal Song
March To Doom (Renewd mix) Ambient Song
Nuclear Warfare Drum N Bass Song
Guitar VS Piano 3.0 Dance Song
Cs-Ultima Mix Drum N Bass Song
Botpack 9 Drum N Bass Song
|IIII|Gates Of Heaven|IIII| Drum N Bass Song
Shisky General Rock Song
Perfect Dark-Training Remix Drum N Bass Song
0Last Breath0 (Rec0il Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Megaman2-wilys castle remix Drum N Bass Song
Quake II Descent(Heavy Remix) Heavy Metal Song
Quake II-Descent(Heavy Remix) Heavy Metal Song
Guitar VS Piano 2.5 Dance Song
Onimusha Trance Song
Daft Punk-Superheros Remix Dance Song
Scout Ahead Drum N Bass Song
Guitar VS Piano 2.0 Dance Song
**Darkness** Ambient Loop
Toxic-Sonic pinball remix Funk Song
Solar Dance Song
Guitar VS Piano 1.5 Dance Song
Guitar VS Piano 1.0 (reupload) Dance Song
PoTc Remix Dance Song
Guitar VS Piano 1.0 Dance Song
D-day Ambient Loop
Grounds zero reloaded Heavy Metal Song
Sinjid Drum N Bass Song
Ground Zero Heavy Metal Song
March Of Prideless Victory Rmx Drum N Bass Song
Doomsday Remix Drum N Bass Song
Grenadius Drum N Bass Song
Sword Of Eternity Drum N Bass Song
Enygma-only time Remix Hip Hop - Modern Song
Pirates of the carribean remix Dance Song
Deus-ex UNATCO Remix Drum N Bass Song
Eswat-lvl4 mix Techno Song
HammerHead(Razor Remix) Drum N Bass Song
UT-Showdown RMX second stage Drum N Bass Song
Shadow Warrior Drum N Bass Song
Never Hesitate Drum N Bass Song
‚ÀCataCombs‚À Heavy Metal Song
PerfectDark-AirForceOneIsDown Video Game Song
DieHard-I Love The Airport Drum N Bass Song
NGaiden-Bzlsk mnfld (RazorMix) Drum N Bass Song
UT-Showdown Remix Drum N Bass Song
AirBase(DanceMix) Dance Song
Cs-Mix 2 Drum N Bass Song
Cs-Mix Drum N Bass Song
*-*-*Last Breath*-*-* Drum N Bass Song
<-|-|Construction Yard|-|-> Industrial Song
<====|-Sadnes-|====> Drum N Bass Song
-|_-_|Transformers|_-_|- mix 2 Drum N Bass Song
-|_-_|Transformers|_-_|- Drum N Bass Song
Double_Dragoon Metal Mix Heavy Metal Song
Zelda(C4-Remix) Drum N Bass Song
K.I.A(D-Day Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Thats True(EZ Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Unreal Tournament-The Run Drum N Bass Song
Fire Fighters Drum N Bass Song
Intruder Alert 1.5 Drum N Bass Song
Intruder Alert 1.0 Drum N Bass Song
Last Man Standing 1.0 Drum N Bass Song
Something is out there Ambient Song
SkyHigh Dance Song
Ninja Gaiden Theme1 Drum N Bass Loop
The Revenge Drum N Bass Song
Down Town Dance Song
Pleas Never Leav Me Ambient Song
Tox N Gas Drum N Bass Song
This Is Heaven Dance Song
DASBOOT(dance Remix) Dance Song
March 2 Doom Ambient Song
Dj_Razor_E-SWAT General Rock Song
Red Alert-BigFoot (Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Jurassic park Nes(Remix) Dance Song
Recon Soldier Drum N Bass Song
Perfect-Regenesis Drum N Bass Song
Metroid Danger Drum N Bass Song
pd-AirBase-pd(War Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Counter-Messure Drum N Bass Song
Msn Groove(Fun Remix) Drum N Bass Loop
7R0|\|-ThE WaY 0uT Video Game Song
Eternal Light Dance Song
Zelda ultimate Video Game Loop
Rainy Sky's Drum N Bass Song
Into The Fire(katastroph Mix) Drum N Bass Song
Krwlng (Dj_Razor Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Silent Hunters Miscellaneous Song
Planet Fall Drum N Bass Song
Zelda Remade Theme2 Video Game Loop
A.I.K The Glory Of Sweden Dance Song
Zelda Remade Theme Video Game Loop
James Brown Is Dead (Remix) Techno Song
Lonely Trooper Drum N Bass Song
In The Shadow R&B Song
Heaven Above Drum N Bass Song
Soul Caliburn Redeem Remix Dance Song
Metal Gear Solid ruff Remix Drum N Bass Loop
Wonders of You Drum N Bass Song
Mission Impossible2 Drum N Bass Song
Thats True Hip Hop - Olskool Song
PonnyBoy-Radiation Nation Drum N Bass Song
Axel F (Remixed) Drum N Bass Song
Airbase(Remixed) Drum N Bass Song