Beats, Sounds and samples

2013-01-21 05:27:26 by Dj-Rec0il

Got a hold of some new DnB samples and such, including snares, kicks, HH, Cumbals and so forth and DAMN! they are godlike! Love em!

Not only that i got a hold of some new plug ins wich are beautifuly clear, and diverese and you can friggin kill them! :D haha

currently im working on quite a few projects at the moment for various things and occasions.

Also ive vowed myself to a promise, this year alone i will respond to every single review you fans and people have posted, it will be hard work, but worth every second of it!

Well, back to making dem awesome tunes!

// Rec0il

Beats, Sounds and samples


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2013-01-21 08:49:39

Wouldn't you be happy to share them with us if you made this post :)

Dj-Rec0il responds:

The samples/plugins or the tunes ^^?