Officialy Leaving Newgrounds.

2013-04-14 13:30:31 by Dj-Rec0il

So here is the latest new.

I'm from this day officialy leaving newgrounds.


Newgrounds aint the same anymore, at least not the music section. People have lost their way, its not about music anymore, its about who has the best scores and most downloads..... personally ive never really cared of how many downloads i have or how many views or how high the score is, ive always cared about the musical aspect only, to share to all of you, but along the years ive seen more and more talented artist getting washed away becuase all those so called "blammers" are voting down their honestly really good work, thinking that their stuff is going to get recognised and big. News for you "blammers" assholes and plain greedy fucks who does this, just stop, stop thinking about fame, money or anything like that, be true to your music, if you want to get big do it by heart and not by greed.

It's been a long awesome ride, ive improved alot thanks to the feedback ive gotten, thanks to all the fans who have supported me here on NG, you are the reason that ive kept going and going, it's sad that to see that it's come to scores rather than musical talent.

So this will be my last post on NG, i will keep doing music though, i wll never stop as music is my way of expressing feelings, music is my life plain and simple.

If you still want to keep track of me and my music visit me at or go to (still undergoing review of stff so stay tuned for uploads) , there you can get all updates, news and music you want without bullshit or anything.

And to all you musicians who has so much talent but aint getting recognition for it, keep doing what you do, keep fighting for you'r dreams and improve, one day you will be where you want to be, you will achive the goals and dreams you've set.


Some Last words that i though of just now, visit me at the blue, these are the guys who have helped me alot when it comes getting my stuff recognised. These people that ive today come to call my family are a bunch of friends all around the world who have one simple goal, to bring awesomeness without the bullshit, without the greed and stupidity, but the plain notion of, quality. Check it out and introduce yourselfs and ill promise, you will never find a better community. If you feel like it is something for you, if you feel that you want to collab or be part of something great, or just feel like haning around, check it out, ill be there, always.

Rec0il out.


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2013-04-14 13:33:19

It really sucks that you have to leave, and you're right: NG hasn't been the same for the past three years.

Dj-Rec0il responds:

It really does Seraph :/ but ive come to conclusion that NG is beyonde saving, and people arent caring enough to change it, sadly.


2013-04-14 13:34:38


I think by leaving you are just the same as those who "have lost their way". If you don't like how the NG audio portal is gone then stay and try make a difference with the rest of us, instead of running away then returning when it suits you.

Regardless, I wish you all the best, its a same a talented musician is gonna leave us but I guess thats the way the internet works.

Best of luck in the future

Dj-Rec0il responds:

IVe tried to make a difference, ive aided, posted and tried to get people engaged into this to change the way things are and to change how people act on NG, BUT this IS the internet, and its pretty much a lawless land, and even if you wan to make a difference, the work you put in can be shattered and kicked of the chair in a second, there will always be the 1:10 quota unfortunately :/ for the one good person who tried to makea difference will ther always be 10 others who fucks shit up, so in the end it just shows that people donät want change, they want things hw they are and THAT my friend is the problem, and as i said, ive tried, but there are times when you have to realise when things are a lost cause, and in this case i have to say it is from my point of view.

And thanks for the words.

// Rec0il


2013-04-14 13:36:50

I understand why you would leave, I've had the same thoughts myself. But Newgrounds is a beautiful place of creativity and I don't think that leaving it would be a good idea. You can leave if you want, but just take this into consideration. Best of luck with your music career btw!

Dj-Rec0il responds:

It is. Newgrounds is one hell of a creative cake, full of suprises, talent and just plain awesomeness, its not the content itself that annoys me, its the way people act, behave and think. I don't speak for anyone else than myself, everyone has their voice and opinion of course, but if they aren't smart or intelligent enough to voice their opinion and just either blam, de-score or just don't care, they really have no business here, and thus conclude why im leaving NG, to much talent is wasted becuase of people who are to greedy and don't care about nothing else but themselfs and their greedy minds.


2013-04-14 15:19:11

Newgrounds community is rotten, to be honest. People are a bunch of elitists and narcissists.


2013-04-14 15:52:55

Well, ok. Goodbye. :( Atleast I hope I can get far here. I know what you mean. So many low voters... they dont even respect the way of music. It's not only dubstep that is music... there is more, way more...


2013-04-15 09:19:08

What the fuck wrongs with you?!


2013-04-15 15:48:22

Oh hey, you're from Sweden! :D Been seeing your name in the AP a lot during the years but I never realized that. Shame you're bidding farewell to this great community, you know, there's much more to this place than the music. Good luck with all future endeavors though!


2013-08-12 13:37:33

Gonna miss you man. Just wanted to say that. While I respect your decision I do hope you come back to Newgrounds. I liked all your songs and loved most of them. You didn't judge your fans or critics (as far as I can tell). I truly do hope you decide to come back to Newgrounds someday.