Entry #13

Back for some more!

2014-10-11 12:16:34 by Dj-Rec0il

I am finally BACK!

after over a year of thinking back and forth, exploring, tinkering, making and creating music i've decided to go back to my roots, Newgrounds. This is where i was born, where i flourished as a musician and where all my fans, supporters and haters gave me the strength and words of wisdom (and hate) to move forward and expand both my musical but aswell as my creative mind to making the best of myself and the music. It's been a hard year for me though since leaving, much has happened in my life wich has given me so much but taken even more, but all of this has only achived into modeling me into what i am today. I am here to stay now!. Newgrounds was and has always been my home so to speak, met alot of talents through the years (Goukisan,Chronamut, Slingshot, and many more) and alot of them are the soul and core of the music section. Through the years i saw newgrounds deteriorate, alot of downvoting out of jealousy and greed, it discouraged me to keep fighting for NG, but then i realised, if everyone who ever fought for something just gave up, this world would be well, a big pool of shit, literally, Anyways, it's time for me to step up again and give you all something speciall and unique.





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2014-10-11 12:20:29

Guitar Vs Piano 4.0 is still one of my favorite songs on the entire audio portal.

Glad you're back :3


2014-10-22 21:01:52

Awesome to see you back man!