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Dj-Rec0il's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 605 (From 84 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 9,840 Points

Age of Defense

Defense Master Unlocked 12/29/10
25 Points
Complete the game

Medals Earned: 1/1 (25/25 points)


Apples Unlocked 3/18/18
5 Points
Add an Orchard to the Farm.
Heavy Lifter Unlocked 8/24/18
5 Points
Get the Backpack.
Infinite Space Unlocked 3/18/18
5 Points
Build the Storehouse.
Instant Meat Unlocked 3/18/18
5 Points
Defeat a Boar.
Metallurgy Unlocked 3/18/18
5 Points
Build the Smelter.
Sharecropping Unlocked 3/18/18
5 Points
Build the Farm.
Shelter Unlocked 3/18/18
5 Points
Build the Hut.
A Good Trade Unlocked 8/24/18
10 Points
Build the Market.
Crafting Time Unlocked 3/18/18
10 Points
Build the Workshop.
Wyrmslayer Unlocked 3/18/18
10 Points
Defeat a Wyrm.
Experiments Unlocked 8/24/18
25 Points
Build the Laboratory.
Get Wyrm Unlocked 8/24/18
25 Points
Now what do I do with it?
Heavier Lifter Unlocked 8/24/18
25 Points
Buy a Super Pack.
Infinite Blood Unlocked 8/24/18
25 Points
Build the Wyrm Pen.
Rockslayer Unlocked 8/24/18
25 Points
Defeat a Golem.
Hatchling Unlocked 8/24/18
50 Points
Hatch a Dragon from a Cocoon.
Building My Way 5 Points Build a structure with a Blueprint.
Bon Appetit 10 Points Build the Kitchen.
Power Up 10 Points Build the Power Plant.
Charging Up 25 Points Catch an Electric Eel.
Distant Shores 25 Points Build the Dock.
Forging Ahead 25 Points Activate the Forge.
Going Up? 25 Points Build the Elevator.
Industrialize 25 Points Build the Factory.
Milking Pigs 25 Points Add a Pen to the Farm.
Mmm, Cheese 25 Points Cook a Pizza.
Shiny 25 Points Mine a Diamond.
Shocking 25 Points Defeat a Diode Wolf.
Synthetic Steak 25 Points Activate the Synthesizer.
The Full Story 25 Points Read all the Logs.
Whomp 25 Points Chop down a Purple Tree.
Cyborgification 50 Points Install a full set of Cyborg gear.
Dragon Master 50 Points Obtain a full set of dragon equipment.
Dragon Tamer 50 Points Fly on a Dragon.
Elementary 50 Points Capture a spirit of every element.
Justice 50 Points Solve the Bandit problem.
Powering Up 50 Points Upgrade your character with 500 or more Skill Points.
Queenslayer 50 Points Defeat the Wyrm Queen.
Setting Sail 50 Points Build a Boat.
Face the Enemy 100 Points Defeat the Old One.
Human Testing 100 Points Successfully Confront the Mirrows.
Statue Smasher 100 Points Defeat the Golemech.
Rewind Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Techno Mage Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Taurus Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 16/45 (240/1,440 points)


Strong Unlocked 1/5/14
5 Points
Achieve level 15
Killer Unlocked 1/5/14
10 Points
Defeat 100 enemies
Stronger Unlocked 1/5/14
10 Points
Achieve level 30
Murderous Unlocked 1/5/14
25 Points
Defeat 300 enemies
Key Stone 10 Points Collect all the keys
Blur 25 Points Collect all 10 speed orbs
Fragmented 25 Points Collect all 10 mysterious fragments
Jumper 25 Points Collect all 10 jump orbs
Lifelong 25 Points Collect all 10 heart orbs
Strongest 25 Points Achieve level 50
Golden 50 Points Acquire all 21 achievements.

Medals Earned: 4/11 (50/235 points)

Asslevania: SOTB

Medal #1 Unlocked 11/8/13
5 Points
Welcome to Asslevania!
Medal #2 Unlocked 11/8/13
5 Points
Reach level 2.
Medal #6 Unlocked 11/8/13
5 Points
Don't skip the intro.
Medal #7 5 Points Follow me at NEWGROUNDS!
Medal #8 5 Points Check out!
Medal #9 5 Points Follow me on Twitter, so I don't have to shut up!
Medal _13 5 Points What a pile of buffalo diarrhea!
Medal _18 5 Points Welcome back!
Medal _19 5 Points FOREVER ALONE!
Medal/22 5 Points Watch the whole ending.
Medal/23 5 Points Check out Sexual-Lobster's page.
Medal/24 5 Points Check out RicePirate's page.
Medal/25 5 Points Check out JohnnyUtah's page.
Medalzzz 5 Points Don't skip the meeting with Johnny and Dracula.
Medal #3 10 Points Reach level 3
Medal #4 10 Points Reach level 4.
Medal _14 10 Points Find Alucard.
Medal _15 10 Points It takes a lick'n...
Medal _16 10 Points ...and keeps on whip'n.
Medal/20 10 Points Get a little head.
Medal/21 10 Points Eat a pork chop!
Medal/27 10 Points Beat a TIME TRIAL
Medal _10 25 Points Find the 1st hidden song.
Medal _11 25 Points Thats where I left that!
Medal _12 25 Points Never alone...
Medal _17 25 Points Make the haunted hallway more creepy.
Medal/26 25 Points Beat Time Trial in less than 3 mins.
Medal/29 25 Points Beat Dracula!
Medal #5 100 Points Reach level 5.
Medal/28 100 Points Beat REAL MODE!

Medals Earned: 3/30 (15/500 points)

Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes

Beginners Luck Unlocked 10/5/12
5 Points
Start the Game
First Blood Unlocked 10/5/12
5 Points
Finish Tutorial
Intelligent Unlocked 10/5/12
10 Points
Reach level 10 intellect
Professional Unlocked 10/5/12
10 Points
Reach level 20 with a soldier
Sniper Unlocked 10/5/12
10 Points
Kill 50 enemies with ranged weapons
Specialist Unlocked 3/4/13
25 Points
Use each weapon from the game at least once
Survivor Unlocked 10/5/12
25 Points
Complete half the waves
The End Unlocked 10/5/12
50 Points
Finish the game
Bully 25 Points Kill 50 enemies with melee weapons

Medals Earned: 8/9 (140/165 points)

Battalion Commander

Legion of Merit Unlocked 9/13/13
10 Points
Rescue 100 allies
Meritorious Service Medal Unlocked 9/13/13
10 Points
Kill 500 enemies
1st Lieutenant Unlocked 9/13/13
25 Points
Achieve 1st Lieutenant rank
Bronze Star Unlocked 9/13/13
25 Points
Complete 10 missions
Defense Superior Service Medal Unlocked 9/13/13
25 Points
Collect 5000 gold
Distinguished Service Medal Unlocked 9/13/13
50 Points
Ride 500 meters on the car in one game
Silver Star Unlocked 9/13/13
50 Points
Finish Normal Mode
Colonel Unlocked 9/14/13
100 Points
Achieve Colonel rank
Distinguished Service Cross 100 Points Buy all the game upgrades
Medal of Honor 100 Points Run 2000 meters in one game

Medals Earned: 8/10 (295/495 points)

Chainsaw Slasher

SOLDIER Unlocked 10/30/13
5 Points
kill 50 enemies
FIGHTER Unlocked 10/30/13
25 Points
kill 250 enemies
SURVIVOR Unlocked 10/30/13
25 Points
beat game once
GRANDMASTER 100 Points beat game on hard mode
MASTER 100 Points survive 10 waves in survival mode

Medals Earned: 3/5 (55/255 points)

Colony Defenders TD2

Blood on the Field Unlocked 7/11/14
5 Points
Kill 500 swarm invaders
First Blood Unlocked 7/11/14
5 Points
Kill your first swarm invader
Impatient Unlocked 7/11/14
5 Points
Rush the next wave 10 times
Rookie Drill Unlocked 7/11/14
5 Points
Collect 2000 minreals
Builder Unlocked 7/11/14
10 Points
Build a turret on all possible points in a given level
Diamond Drill Unlocked 7/14/14
10 Points
Collect 20000 minreals
Fearless Unlocked 7/11/14
10 Points
Rush the next wave 15 times in the same level
Fried Swarm Unlocked 7/11/14
10 Points
Kill 40 swarm invaders with tesla strikes
Rain of Rockets Unlocked 7/11/14
10 Points
Kill 100 swarm invaders with rocket strikes
Total Turret Upgrade Unlocked 7/11/14
10 Points
Fully upgrade and energize a defense turret
3 Stars Defender Unlocked 7/11/14
25 Points
Complete 3 levels with 3 stars
Total Field Upgrade Unlocked 7/14/14
50 Points
Build fully upgraded and energized turrets on all points in a given level
Exterminator 10 Points Kill 5000 swarm invaders
Flawless 25 Points Complete 3 levels without taking any damage
Victory 50 Points Complete the game
Annihilation 100 Points Complete the game with 3 stars on each level

Medals Earned: 12/16 (155/340 points)

Concerned Joe

Gotcha Unlocked 1/17/13
5 Points
Screw up in level 5
Look silly Unlocked 1/17/13
5 Points
Do what the title says
Jailed 5 Points Manage to trap yourself
U mad 5 Points Find the troll face
Dance off 10 Points Start a rave party
Fabulous 10 Points You'll know it when you see it
Villain 10 Points Grow a mustache
Impossible 25 Points Somehow die in the menu
Maniac 25 Points Jump 100 times in the tutorial level
Superhero 25 Points Find the secret cape
Cure 50 Points Find the cure for your disease
Sonic 50 Points Be faster than the elevator

Medals Earned: 2/12 (10/225 points)

Crush The Castle 2

Air Burst Unlocked 9/8/10
5 Points
Detonate a remote bomb in flight.
Bombastic Unlocked 9/8/10
5 Points
Explode 100 castles pieces.
I'm a Lumberjack Unlocked 9/8/10
5 Points
Destroy 10 castles with only log ammo.
Ladies First Unlocked 9/8/10
5 Points
Kill a Princess or a Queen first on any level.
Logged to Death Unlocked 9/8/10
5 Points
Hit and kill an enemy directly with a log.
Priority Target Unlocked 9/8/10
5 Points
Kill the king first on any level.
Prohibition Unlocked 9/8/10
10 Points
Destroy 100 barrels.
A Freeze is Coming 5 Points Freeze 3 enemies in one shot.
Acidic 5 Points Melt 100 castle pieces.
Death From Above 5 Points Hit and enemy directly with a parachute bomb.
Electric Boogaloo 5 Points Electrocute 5 enemies in one shot.
I'm Melting 5 Points Cover an enemy in acid.
Jack Frost 5 Points Freeze 100 castle pieces.
Last Laugh 5 Points Kill the Jester last on any level.
Oh The Humanity! 5 Points Burn 5 enemies in one shot.
Pyromaniac 5 Points Burn 100 castle pieces.
Throw Like a Girl 5 Points Throw after the trebuchet has reached it's return point.
You're Doing It Wrong 5 Points Kill and enemy with a remove bomb without detonating it.
Veteran Crusher 10 Points Crush all castles
Golden God 25 Points Get gold medals on all castles.
Hell Froze Over Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Into The Void Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 7/22 (40/140 points)