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Alex is a 32 Years old Freelance Music Producer who lives for music, It is his drug and life. Currently lives in Sweden and bases his studio in the heart of Stockholm.

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Dj-Rec0il's News

Posted by Dj-Rec0il - March 30th, 2020

So, as you all may have seen and maybe even listened to, Endevour has been my love Child since the start of last August. Decided to keep working on it untill it is perfected in the way i want it to sound. You all shall see and hear the evolution of this magnificent track that only keeps getting even better. Stay tuned for updates as the week goes.

First update today with better mastering and Eq (still got a long way to go, but i'm getting there) is up and ready to be heard.

I hope y'all are having a great time (besides the whole Corona crap...) and stay safe out there!


// Rec0il


Posted by Dj-Rec0il - October 11th, 2014

I am finally BACK!

after over a year of thinking back and forth, exploring, tinkering, making and creating music i've decided to go back to my roots, Newgrounds. This is where i was born, where i flourished as a musician and where all my fans, supporters and haters gave me the strength and words of wisdom (and hate) to move forward and expand both my musical but aswell as my creative mind to making the best of myself and the music. It's been a hard year for me though since leaving, much has happened in my life wich has given me so much but taken even more, but all of this has only achived into modeling me into what i am today. I am here to stay now!. Newgrounds was and has always been my home so to speak, met alot of talents through the years (Goukisan,Chronamut, Slingshot, and many more) and alot of them are the soul and core of the music section. Through the years i saw newgrounds deteriorate, alot of downvoting out of jealousy and greed, it discouraged me to keep fighting for NG, but then i realised, if everyone who ever fought for something just gave up, this world would be well, a big pool of shit, literally, Anyways, it's time for me to step up again and give you all something speciall and unique.





Posted by Dj-Rec0il - April 14th, 2013

So here is the latest new.

I'm from this day officialy leaving newgrounds.


Newgrounds aint the same anymore, at least not the music section. People have lost their way, its not about music anymore, its about who has the best scores and most downloads..... personally ive never really cared of how many downloads i have or how many views or how high the score is, ive always cared about the musical aspect only, to share to all of you, but along the years ive seen more and more talented artist getting washed away becuase all those so called "blammers" are voting down their honestly really good work, thinking that their stuff is going to get recognised and big. News for you "blammers" assholes and plain greedy fucks who does this, just stop, stop thinking about fame, money or anything like that, be true to your music, if you want to get big do it by heart and not by greed.

It's been a long awesome ride, ive improved alot thanks to the feedback ive gotten, thanks to all the fans who have supported me here on NG, you are the reason that ive kept going and going, it's sad that to see that it's come to scores rather than musical talent.

So this will be my last post on NG, i will keep doing music though, i wll never stop as music is my way of expressing feelings, music is my life plain and simple.

If you still want to keep track of me and my music visit me at www.theblue.co/music.php or go to http://audiojungle.net/user/REC0IL (still undergoing review of stff so stay tuned for uploads) , there you can get all updates, news and music you want without bullshit or anything.

And to all you musicians who has so much talent but aint getting recognition for it, keep doing what you do, keep fighting for you'r dreams and improve, one day you will be where you want to be, you will achive the goals and dreams you've set.


Some Last words that i though of just now, visit me at the blue, these are the guys who have helped me alot when it comes getting my stuff recognised. These people that ive today come to call my family are a bunch of friends all around the world who have one simple goal, to bring awesomeness without the bullshit, without the greed and stupidity, but the plain notion of, quality. Check it out and introduce yourselfs and ill promise, you will never find a better community. If you feel like it is something for you, if you feel that you want to collab or be part of something great, or just feel like haning around, check it out, ill be there, always.

Rec0il out.

Posted by Dj-Rec0il - January 21st, 2013

Got a hold of some new DnB samples and such, including snares, kicks, HH, Cumbals and so forth and DAMN! they are godlike! Love em!

Not only that i got a hold of some new plug ins wich are beautifuly clear, and diverese and you can friggin kill them! :D haha

currently im working on quite a few projects at the moment for various things and occasions.

Also ive vowed myself to a promise, this year alone i will respond to every single review you fans and people have posted, it will be hard work, but worth every second of it!

Well, back to making dem awesome tunes!

// Rec0il

Beats, Sounds and samples

Posted by Dj-Rec0il - October 19th, 2012

so ive recently aquirred new speakers, nice comfortable ones :D! nice sparkling clear sound and eq'd bass wich gives it a nice production sound, so been playing around with em alot, got some nice things coming up now that the end of the year is coming up in 2 months :D so i gotta leave my mark for this year! hope you all out there will like what i have in store for you.

well gotta go make some bad ass shit now! :D

// Rec0il

Posted by Dj-Rec0il - July 2nd, 2012

Hey everybody!

Guess what? IM NOT DEAD! :D hahah :P

not but seriously havent had much time for anything past year deu to moving, girlfriend, family and just general boring life issues, but now thats all over and music is at hand! :D

so prepare to be blown away becuase Rec0il is in the house to rock your ears with crazy ass awesome epic music!

Buckle up cuz here we GO!



Posted by Dj-Rec0il - December 28th, 2010

HELLO ALL YOU Music craving maniacs out there!!

Been a while :O tooooo looooong!

The reason that? well my G-card AND PSU went to hell....Literally!! -.- seems the PSU went into flames and took the graphics card with him, kinda fucked up my mode entirely! -.- but hey, shit happens right? fortunately it was jusy those to and nothing more, the HD and Soundcard and the rest are fine thankfully!

So ill cut to the chase.

Im currently been away for quite some time dude to this, and its pretty much driving me crazy, i have sooooooooo many god damn ideas that im about to overflow or acutally explode out of idea overflow, havent had this much ideas i quite some time and im happier than a M F for tha :D!

soooo, ive been going through my old/new and latest songs and reading the reviews and i stumbled across Guitar Vs Piano (and just to clear something up wich has been bugging me quite some time, Goukisan actually inspired me to make the GVP series in my own way and my own style, first it was a typo with GVP as i intended to name it Piano VS Guitar, i give him all credits for that, thank you brother! and stop comparing the 2, he does one hell of a job and he does it good, but im in another section of it, im doing influenced of dance and trance inspired GVP wich i seem more suited for me so now that i have that cleared ill get to the point again) and ive read that many people wonder if there is going to be further songs in the series.....YES there IS going to be :D!! im going to make up to 6.0 wich makes it 4 more songs to look forward to!!

Secondly, The Saion collection is still under progress but coming along really good, so look forward to that! :D

so to the newest of newses, ive currently thought up and laid up a list of upcoming projects that im going to start working on

The list goes like this:

Saion Collection Progress
40% done

GVP Collection
60% Done

and im going to start on a new song wich i actually got inspiration from Crono Croos (Game god bless its mighty musical inginuity!) its a mix of African and japanese influenced instrument with a mighty touch of NEw age orcehstral (of course) and a heavy arabic metal guitar!

the second one will be a DnB fast paced song, i wont reveal what kind of influence i got but ill make sure that you guys and girls out there wont be dissapointed!

Well, thats pretty much the upcoming news for the upcoming year, i hope you all look forward to it and ill keep you posted regurly from now on how things are coming along

I hope all of my lovely and supportive fans out there have one hell of a NEW YEARS EVE! party all night long and have fun as never before!! i hope some of you maybe put some Rec0ilish touch on the dancefloor ;) :D

PEace out and Happy New Year!

// Rec0il

Posted by Dj-Rec0il - February 18th, 2009


sorry for not have been to active l8tly on NG due too Network and time issues -.- but that i got a new computer, more time and a hella good net connection ill be on more frequently and more often!

well to the headnews!

I got 4 Tracks Under Progress and 1 finnished so that is actually 3 tracks :D

The Finnished track is a remix of GTA !V track that i got requested by one of Thebluecommunitys members to make for a movie he is/was making. the song itself will be up as soon as the video is so look forward for that ^^

the second track is a orchestral piece wich im having a hard time getting inspiration for -.- so if anyone would have ideas or suggestion please feel free to tell me^^

the third track is a badass videogame Remix out of the game soundtrack FarCry, i barely started on it so its gonna be some time before its finnished but look forward o that^^

and finally the fourth track wich also is an orchestral piece, but this time ive taken another root and gone more cinematicall to it, its supposed to fit a movie wich main theme would be of course war (wich i love becuase they got so strong feeling to theme)

well thats it for now folks so ill ahave much to doo :D

and also, i need to get better at replying to you people wich i am so lazy at the moment, so sorry 4 that people but ill better up on that so ill be replying often and more frequently, ill prolly take a day of from jobb to actaully sit down and reply to your comments!

you took the time to comment me thene ill take the time to comment back ^^

peace out everyone

// Rec0il


Posted by Dj-Rec0il - September 3rd, 2008

Welll Today i finally got a hold of a desent computer so i could finnish Some songs :D damn i got to say what a releife that was, ive been trying to finnish theme in ages :S

My l8tst tracks finnished:

Guitar Vs Piano 3.5
Guitar Vs Piano 4.0

And many more

Im gonig to upload as soon as possible look forward for em, ill promie you peeps i wont dissapoint you ;)

// Rec0il

Posted by Dj-Rec0il - June 27th, 2008

Ok people, ive havnt posted anything new until now,

Latest News:


Starting from 1 of july im going to start on a huge project, "Deus-Ex Collection" wich consists of only remixed versions of all the tracks from deus-ex that will b finnished 28th of july [deadline due to other projects], requested from a fan of mine wich im going to make reality, give him credit for coming up with the idea, thanks alot podgerodge for the magnificent idea :)


To all you Battlefield fans out there, im currently part of the gaming community WS - Walmart Security wich is a really nice and wide community with cool and fun people that i really respect and cherish, anyways, we are currently working on the upcoming updated mod, DSB - Department Store Battles, wich is an awesome mod, well to the main point, i'm their music/ FX artist and im currently working on the songs for the game and the special fx for weapons, veichles and units, i will not say anthing regading the game due too it being a supprise, so i dont want to spoil the fun ;) but look forward to the mod and the music that will be posted soon on NG, untill thene keep longing for the greatest and most awesome BF mod ever made :D

// Rec0il Out